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Power Tap, USB, Power, Ethernet Desk Grommets

Powertap Power & Data Grommets

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• Provides direct access to power and either ethernet or USB devices
• Converts from a smooth, sleek black circular surface into a versatile power access center with its brilliant 180 degree rotation
• Discreet, with an overall height of only 1.25 inches, so valuable workspace won't be hindered
• Easily installed and template provided

The PowerTap complements any desk from the most luxurious to the very basic. Its smart design allows for easy access and quick storage. Simply slide the latch to reveal a multi-port power Center. When finished, slide the latch and it rotates out of sight under a sleek black cover. Install multiple PowerTaps on tables and counters where more workstations are necessary. Perfect for conference rooms, the Grommet allows easy access to a secure internet connection along with a power source.

New PowerTap Grommet

Don't want to bother with complicated installation?
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The Powertap Grommet is discreet, with an overall height of only 1.25 inches. It has an outer Grommet ring diameter of 4.44 inches, and a hole-cut size of only 4.21inches in diameter, so you don't need to worry about loosing valuable workspace to drilling obtrusive holes. Coming with an 8 foot power cord (to reach that pesky, inconvenient outlet so that you don't have to) you will be provided with 3 ground power outlets and your choice of either 2 CAT 5 Ethernet or 2 USB connections per grommet, giving you the functionality of a mini-office in each one. The material of the grommet itself is ABS plastic, which is UL/CUL listed and fully fire retardant, because the last thing you should be worrying about is safety (the grommet is, after all, here to minimize your list of worries).

Powertap Scaled Dimension
Small Cad Drawing
  • 3 Ground Power Outlets 15A / 125V / 60Hz / 1875 Housing
  • 2 Cat 5 Ethernet Connections or 2 USB Connections
  • Fire Retardant ABS Housing
  • Power Cord SJT 14/3C, 8 Feet Long
  • UL/CUL Listed
  • 4 3/8" Outer Grommet Ring
  • Hole Cut Size = 4.21" (107mm) Diameter

Bi-Metal Hole Saws

  • Wood, plastic, machinable metals, stainless steel alloys, nail-embedded wood
Read Installation Guide

Powertap Assembly Instructions (PDF)

Tools needed:
  • 2 clamps
  • electric router or jig saw (sabre saw)
Example of installation
with electric router:

Cross-sectional view of the PowerTap Grommet installed into a table

Bi-Metal Hole Saws

Video Presentation
Video Transcript

Hey there, I'm Gill, from Cable Ties and More. Now, all of us in a professional setting, or just at home, know the frustrations of having to get down on your hands and knees, and search under desks for wall sockets. Not only laborious, but it leaves you navigating the feet, legs, and competing power cords of the people around you. So aside from leaving you feeling kind of undignified, in a work setting it can be seen as downright unprofessional to have only wall sockets available. Thankfully though, at Cable Ties and More, we have the solution to this issue with the awesome product, the Powertap Grommet, a discreet, handy, and rather stylish answer to the demands on your inconveniently placed sockets and access points. So, the Powertap Grommets are going to give you a completely new sense of organization and mastery over your space. The way this is unique from other grommets is the fact that the Powertap actually converts from this sleek, smooth black surface into a really versatile power access center, with a simple tap of your finger, and that is thanks to this awesome 180 degree rotation. As you can see, when rotated, it offers you three ground power outlets, as well as two CAT 5 Ethernet connections, so you really do have the functionality of a mini office already. So just imagine how quickly you could provide a huge amount of access points to quite a lot of equipment, while using very few grommets. It is going to come with an eight foot power cord, to reach that un-strategically placed wall socket so that you won't have to. The grommet itself is made of ABS plastic, which is UL and CUL listed and fully fire retardant, since it is here to minimize your worries. Now, it has an overall height of only 1.2 inches, and you really don't need to worry about loosing valuable workspace to it either, as it has an outer ring diameter of just 4.4 inches, meaning that the hole-cut size is actually going to be slightly smaller, with a diameter of only 4.21 inches. And, speaking of the hole-cut size, installing the Powertap Grommet is quite stress-free, and should not seem at all intimidating. Our site actually features a separate video solely dedicated to the correct installation of the Powertap Grommet, so please do check it out, it really is a very quick process. And from there, just sit back and work in comfort, it is that easy. This really will transform your workstation, hotel, boardroom, office table, nurse stations, even student study spaces. So I really hope you saw how the Powertap Grommet can work for you and turn any place into an effective and practical work area. Thanks so much for watching, please check out our website to see many other great products, or do give us a call. For Cable Ties and More, I'm Gill, take care.

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Rating :


Power Tap, USB, Power, Ethernet Desk Grommets 5
by: Steve
I bought a large number of these grommets to outfit our office and I was very happy with the result. The product is great but the customer service is what sold me on this company. I spoke with a salesperson at the office that was extremely knowledgable and helpful. He helped me pick which item
... arrow down
would best serve my needs and answered questions regarding functionality and installation. Overall, it was a very positive experience buying from Cable ties and more.
Power Tap, USB, Power, Ethernet Desk Grommets 5
by: spencer W
I purchased this product for the rooms in my hotel in the boston area, they make the desks look excellent and provide all the necessary outlets and ports for computer or charger usage thanks

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