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Economical Raised Floor Cable Management

Easily Swappable Modules
Easily Swappable Modules
Powerflor Modular Panel
Powerflor Modular Panel


• Fully integrated data and power options with grommets pre-installed
• Completely modular design can be moved and adapted as your needs change (A very economical solution)
• Installation is quick, straightforward and economical requiring no structural modifications
• 10 year warranty
• Made in the USA
• Ramps and rails available
• Finished, carpeted surface
• All panels are of equal size

The Powerflor Cable Management system is a completely modular and extremely low cost solution compared to other more expensive drop/sub floor cable systems.  Panels are finished with carpeting and include both power and data options.  Powerflor's innovative design requires no specials tools and can easily be rearranged to move power and data access where you wish.  Reconfiguring a room is now modular, fast and costs you nothing.  If you move completely, simply take your modular Powerflor panels with you.


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[From Powerflor USA, Inc.]



  1. Chaseway Panel Assemblies
    1. Dimensional RequirementsSize:  18 inches by 18 inches / 50 cm x 50 cm as specified.

Dimensional Tolerances:

Edge to Edge dimension:  Plus or minus 0.015 inches.

Out of square (difference of diagonal dimensions):  0.035 maximum.

  1.  Chaseway Pedestal Construction
    1. Molded Polycarbonate with UL 94V-O Flame Class rating.
    2. Finish:  One color.



  1. Stringerless
    1. Pedestals:

9” x 9” or 25 cm x 25 cm molded polycarbonate.

Finished Height:  2 5/8”.

  1. Pedestal / Panel Assembly

1.   An 18” or 50 cm square panel assembly shall consist of four pedestals and one carpet tile and provide a 1,000 lb. axial load without permanent deformation.

  1. System Performance

       1.   Concentrated Load Performance:

Panels shall be capable of supporting a concentrated load of 1,000 lbs. placed on a one square inch area at any location on the panel with a maximum top surface permanent set not to exceed 0.010 inches after load is removed.

               2.   Uniform Load Performance:

Panels shall be capable of supporting a minimum uniform load of 41,500 lbs. per square foot.

    1.  Ultimate Load Performance:

The system shall provide a loading capacity of not less than 1,200 lbs. per square inch, without failure.

    1.   Rolling Load Performance:

Local and overall surface deformation shall not exceed 0.040 inches.

    1.   Impact Load Performance:

Panels and supporting understructure shall withstand without failure an impact load anywhere on the panel of 80 lbs. dropped from a height of 36 inches onto a one square inch area.  Failure is defined as the point at which the panel will no longer accept the load.

  1. Floor Surface Covering
    1. Floor panel finished surface shall be an approved 18” or 50 cm carpet tile as indicated on   contract drawings or in this specification.  Where floor coverings are by the cable management system manufacturer, the type, color and pattern to be selected from manufacturer’s standards.

Cable Management System (CMS) to meet or exceed the following requirements:

  1. All communication components provided shall meet EIA/TIA standards for Category 6 performance levels or greater, as specified.
  1. All communication outlets shall be provided as flush with floor surface. Outlet shall include appropriate faceplate for friction / clip in mounting of modular plug type connectors.
  1. All communication cabling shall be provided pre-terminated with specified connectors on one end for mounting into outlet faceplate and jacks for connection to wiring closet on other end. Cable length and connector type as specified.
  1. CMS shall include an intermediate wiring center as an integral part of the system, with internal cable chase access. The wiring center shall function as a distribution or consolidation point for the communication system, as specified. Wiring center shall provide an internal, secure, and accessible standard 19” wide wire rack mounting capability. Wiring center shall allow for full access to all wiring center connections, switches, hubs, or equipment, without horizontal chaseway access required. Wiring center shall be Powerflor USA, Inc. LDS Utility Center or equal.
  1. All electrical power components shall be provided as part of a complete manufactured wiring system, UL-183 Listed and meeting National Electrical Code requirements as stated in Sections 604 & 605.  System shall provide a minimum of four 20 ampere circuits per leg.  All circuit shared neutral conductors shall be minimum size of 10 awg.  All components to be UL rated at 20 amp. capacity. Power distribution system shall be AMPINNERGY Power System, by Tyco Electronics, Inc. or equal.
  1. CMS shall allow for the relocation of all outlets, within the system, accomplished individually or in combinations as specified, without the use of any specialized tools or the dis-connection of the outlets being required. All outlets to be individually flush mounted within chaseway surface.
  1. No CMS component is to be adhered or mechanically affixed to the building structure in any fashion, except for power, data, and voice service connections and chaseway access ramps and railings as specified.
  1. CMS chaseway shall be provided in a panel configuration, with each panel being provided as a pre-assembled units, consisting of four identical supports 9” x 9” x 2 5/8” high bonded to a standard 18” x 18” or  25 cm x 25 cm x 2 5/8” high bonded to a standard 50 cm x 50 cm carpet tile.
  1. CMS chaseway panels shall be easily removable, by one person, without the removal of carpet from the panels. CMS chaseway will allow for the removal of a single panel without the removal of adjacent carpet tiles being required. No specialized tools shall be required for panel removal.
  1. CMS chaseway shall not exceed 3” nominal height, to include all components except railings and intermediate wiring centers. CMS chaseway shall support a uniform weight load of at least 41,500 lbs. per square foot.
  1. CMS shall include edge panel components provided to be field “cut to fit” and “assembled”, to meet building constraints.
  1. CMS chaseway to be provided as a complete system with pedestrian access compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act ( ADA ) as specified.
  1. CMS finished chaseway surface shall be modular carpet tile, compatible with Powerflor USA, Inc. production standards, as specified.

Independent Laboratory Testing & Spec


UNIFORM LOAD AMP SPEC 108-1782 10,000 psf
IMPACT LOAD AMP SPEC 108-1782 15 lbs at 36" drop height



POLYCARBONATE UL 94 V2 rating @ .06" thick
FAR 25.853B
Pass (>1/2" thick)
CARPET ASTM E-648 (Radiant Panel)
ASTM D-2859 (Small Ignition)
Class 1




AMPINNERGY UL Listed: File #E132626
AMP ACO UL Listed: File #E81956



  *Criteria based on Milliken carpet  

[From Powerflor USA, Inc.]


A.   Qualification 

  1.         Cable management system and accessories to be installed by the manufacturer’s certified installation contractor to maintain the integrity of the products and acceptable performance of the completed installation.

B.   Inspection 

1.       Examine sub-floor for unevenness, irregularities, and dampness that would affect the quality and execution of the work. 

2.       Do not proceed with installation until subfloor surfaces are clean, dry, and clear of other trades and ready to receive cable management system. 

3.       Inspect Powerflor components for damage prior to installation.

C. Preparation and Installation

1.       The cable management system to be prepared and installed in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions covering preparation, layout, alignment, and installation. 

2.       Sub-floor shall be level within plus or minus 0.125 inches in 10 feet, and plus or minus 0.10 inches over the entire area. System to be installed with all components loose laid over foam underlay, squarely and firmly on the sub-floor and free of rocking panels. 

3.       Provide cutouts, ramps, and closure trim as indicated and as needed.  Minimize the number of cut panels.  Layout panels to avoid less than ½ panel units.  Scribe to accurately fit trim pieces.

 D. Adjust and Clean

1.       Remove system installation debris as work progresses, maintaining area under finished system floor area in a clean condition. 

2.       The general contractor is to protect the finished floor system from damage and misuse until occupancy.

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