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Maybe it is because we are in the depths of summer and my grey t-shirt was not a wise choice to hide growing sweat stains, but the last place I want to be is trying to manage patch cables in a hot, cramped server room. Heat adds to my frustration. Put me in a sweaty space with even a moderately intricate task (and picking through snaking ropes of patch cables qualifies as intricate) and my patience winds down to zero. Judging from some of the servers I have seen, I am lucky to be far from the field of IT. But for the many of you that aren't, these two new Panduit products are guaranteed to get you in and out of a server room much faster, without long minutes spent in tearful frustration as you search for that specific endpoint connection. The Patchlink™ and Open Access™ are Horizontal Cable Managers, designed to fit into your server racks easily with their EIA compliant 19" rails, and ease wires into order on your behalf.


Both products are designed to take up as little space as possible from the cables themselves, with the choices in size ranging from 1 to 2 Units. Since both will expertly arrange your cables, where they differ is in the overall look of the server once installed. The Open Access™ manager is extremely lightweight, and slides onto the rack rails where it is secured with screws. The D-rings through which the cables will be fed are easily attached and gentle on wires, and you can select a module with a row within the rack, as well as on the outside. Cables are then thread through the rings as desired, letting a tidy flow occur. Of course, though wrangled, wires are still visible. If this is not really the aesthetic of your server room dreams (or your working with old, battered cords which are better left unseen) then you will want to move along to the Patchlink™. Similar to before, this unit is installed with a quick slide and screw, and will accommodate different sized servers depending on which specifications you select. Wires are fed through cable-safe holes for routing, and an attached face cover flips up and snaps in place over top, shielding the contents with a sleek face which is simple to un-clip again for optimal cord access.


These two solutions for server grief are durable and easy to install, as well as RoHS compliant for total safety. So stop dreading those trips to your server room, you will be in and out in no time. Proper cable care in servers is also crucial for overall performance, so even if you enjoy the challenge of a wiry nest, functionality won't be jeopardized. So no sweat and no tears, thanks to these two managers.