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Millipede Mille Reusable Releasable Zip Ties

Millepede Mille-Ties

A Versatile Sectional Cable Tie That is Releasable/Reusable

The Mille-Tie
The Mille-Tie


• Advanced sectional design: Each Mille-Tie can either be cut into more ties or formed into multiple loops to secure multiple cables separately.
• Releasable/Reusable
• The 'Intelligent Grip System' reduces cable pinching/compression in secured cables
• Optimized for Fiber Optic and CAT6 type cables

Mille-Tie cable ties are an extremely versatile and reusable cable tie.  Featuring the "Intelligent Grip System", these ties reduce cable pinching when secured.  Because of their sectional 'millepede like' design, each Mille-Tie can either be cut into more ties or formed into multiple loops to secure multiple cables separately.

Mille-Tie Features

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12" Mille-Tie
12 inch Mille-Tie Spec Pic

Physical Properties:

Nominal Moulded Length: 305mm (12”)
9.0mm (0.35”)

Thickness: 1.3mm (0.05”)
33 (1 per 8mm (0.35”) apx.)

Maximum Bundle Size (basic strip): > 75mm (3”) diameter
Maximum Bundle Size (when stretched before use):
> 110mm (4.5”) diameter

Minimum Bundle Size: < 5mm (0.2”) diameter
Uses Per Strip @ 10mm (0.4”) Diameter:
6 approx
Standard Colours Available:
Red (Plenum), Black (UV), Uncoloured/Natural (LSOH), Green, Grey

Material Properties:

Material: Thermoplastic Polyurethane Elastomer
Density: 1220Kg/m3
Tensile and Tear Strength: High
Abrasion Resistance: Excellent
Elasticity and Resilience: High
Resistance to Fuels and Oils: Excellent

Mechanical Properties:

Flexural Modulus: 124.1MPa (180,000 PSI)
Taper Abrasion H-18 Wheel, 1000g (1.1lb) Load: 50mg (1/560 Oz) Loss [1000 cycles]
Material Tensile Strength: 4.14MPa (6,000 PSI)
Maximum Mille-Tie Loop Strength: >10kg (22lb) [Using a secure latch]

Thermal Properties:

Low Temperature Brittle Point: Deflection Temperature Under Load: 59°C (139°F) [4.55kPa (66 PSI)]
Recommended Service Temperature Range [no load]: -20°C to +60°C (-4°F to 140°F)
Short Temp Peak Temperature Range [no load]: -30°C to +80°C (-22°F to 176°F)
Vicat Softening Temperature: Rate A, 168°C (334°F)
Flammability UL94 Flame Class: 1.5mm (0.06”) Thickness, Class HB

Flame & UV Properties:

UV Properties [Black or UV resistant coloured]:Very Good
UV Properties [Natural coloured]:Some loss of physical properties & yellowing
may occur under conditions of prolonged exposure.

Low Smoke Zero Halogen Version:

Low Smoke: BS 6853 : 1999 Apx D Clause D 8.3 (Smoke)
Zero Halogen: IEC 754-1: 1994


Air Handling Spaces (PLENUM) Version:

“For Positioning Only, Indoors only, Suitable for use in Air Handling Spaces in accordance with Section 300-22 (C) and (D) of the National Electric Code, and Rules 12-010 (3), (4), and (5), and 12-020 of the Canadian Electric Code, Part 1, File E230261”

USA Meets: Section 300.22 (C ) and (D ) of the National Electric Code
Canada Meets: Rules 12-010 (3), (4) and (5) , and 12-020, Part 1, Canadian Electrical Code



22" Mille-Tie
22 inch Mille-Tie Spec Pic

Physical Properties:

Length Of Strip:560mm (22”)
Width (Latching Cell):20 mm (0.8”)
Width (Spacer Cell):12 mm (0.5”)
Thickness:2.0mm (0.1”)
Cells per Strip / Fastening Holes (One per cell):28 (1 per 20mm (0.75”) apx.)
Maximum Bundle Size (Full Strip):> 150 mm (6”) diameter
Maximum Bundle Size:< 25mm (1”) diameter
Uses Per Strip @ 25mm (1”) Diameter:5
Average Usage per Strip @ 30mm (24x CAT6 cables):4
Fastening Hole Diameter:4 mm (0.1”) (Accepts M4 / 3BA fasteners)
Standard Colours Available:Black (UV stabilised, All Weather)

Material Properties:

Material:Thermoplastic Polyurethane Elastomer Alloy
Density:1.16Kg/m3 (0.0419 lb/in3)
Tensile and Tear Strength:High
Ultimate Material Tensile Strength:40MPa (5800 Psi)
Ultimate Material Elongation:Apx. 460%
Taper Abrasion H-18 Wheel, 1000g (1.1lb) Load:Low (Good abrasion resistance)
Modulus of Elasticity:Very Low (Very flexible)
Resistance to Fuels and Oils:Excellent

Mechanical Properties:

Maximum Load – single loop:9Kg (20 lb)
Maximum Latch Strength – secure latch:23Kg (50 lb)
Maximum Load – secure latch:23Kg (50 lb)

Thermal Properties:

Recommended Service Temperature Range [no load]:-20°C to +60°C (-4°F to 140°F)
Short Temp Peak Temperature Range [no load]:-30°C to +80°C (-22°F to 176°F)
Vicat Softening Temperature:130°C (266°F)
Glass Transition Temperature:-30°C (-22°F) [Pellet sample]

Ultra-Violet Properties:

UV Properties [Black UV resistant]: Excellent

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Rating :


Millipede Mille Reusable Releasable Zip Ties 4
by: Hugh
I got these mille ties so I would be able to reuse them. They work great because I have to remove and add new cables frequently and this way I don't need a new cable tie each time. The only issue with these ties is that they are not quite as strong as the regular cable ties. I would still buy these
... arrow down
again as for the job they worked perfectly.

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