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Metal Detectable Cable Ties

Additional Information

Food Grade Metal Detectable Nylon Cable Ties are used in countless industries. Chances are that one of the few things a shoe retail outlet may have in common with an off-shore oil rig is their sky-high tie use. In factories and processing plants, cable ties are forever attached, tightened and trimmed, ultimately snipped off, replaced, etc. The life of a tie is a vicious cycle, but importantly I can imagine chances for even minuscule levels of plastic material to be constantly sifting and settling. When dealing with food or pharmaceutical industries, contamination becomes more of a likelihood than a risk (and the risk alone is not worth a costly recall) so health worries are a chief concern. Increasingly, particularly food companies deal with the dual issue of legal woes and bad press due to pollutants that normally do not even appear in visual checks or safeguarding scans and X-rays. Thus from necessity, the Metal Detectable Cable Tie is born, a nylon based material impregnated with iron, creating magnetic properties throughout and making it easily identifiable through metal detection. Critically though, they are first and foremost a food-safe tie, so not only are they ensured visibility during scans and will not be packaged with products, but they expel no contamination if they are to contact digestibles that would be better left untouched.  Available in tensile strengths which range from 18 lbs to 120 lbs, it is a dependable tie, all special features aside.  Our Metal Detectable Ties can be selected from 4” to 8” long, and are constructed in a singular piece, ensuring even more strength and consistency in performance. A curved tip will feed easily into the head of the Metal Detectable Tie, and smoothed edges promote far more comfort when installing. The blue color will make it even easier for visual in-plant checks to spot debris, but of course what does get by will be immediately seen by any type of metal detection scan. The fact that they are weather resistant and ideal for any setting makes them a hardy alternative to many popular ties, and they are a far more cost effective purchase than stainless steel ties. Our Food Grade Metal Detectable Cable Ties are in compliance with FDA food, beverage and pharmaceutical safety standards, and they are even becoming part of that standard.  I think all of us food consumers can feel pretty good about that.