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Two Channel Drop Over Cable Cover

Protect cable runs from foot traffic and light vehicle

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• 48" Length
• Easy drop-over design lets you install the cover over top of your cords in only moments rather than wrestle items inside as with many other cable covers
• The body is made of strong, dense rubber which will withstand the elements in any setting.
• The base has excellent traction for a sure grip on the floor or surface below it, and the raised diamond tread on top will make certain that shoes and feet will grip it as well, and not slip.

When you have runs of wires and cables which will see frequent foot traffic, it is imperative that these lines be covered. From within a classroom, factory, theater, gymnasium etc, cables become definite tripping hazards, but thanks to the Medium Duty Two Channel Drop Over Cable Cover, you will be able to completely protect those people and cords.

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FCC9989 2-channel Rubber Drop Over Cable Protector, Black 2-channel Rubber Drop Over Cable Protector, Black Qty :


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  • Both the ends of each protector will interlock, which ensures that length will not shift, pinching contents and possibly causing tripping.
  • The interlocking ends will let you customize the length of your covered run, giving you dynamic cable management and defense.
  • Each inner channel has a height of 1" and width of 1.75", giving you space for multiple standard cables. The overall width of the protector itself is 10.75", allowing the raised center to gradually slope upwards then down, further protecting against people tripping over the cover.
  • Each Two Channel Cable Cover comes in lengths of 48", and in the color black
Video Presentation
Video Transcript

Hey everyone, it���s Gill here, from Cable Ties and More. Now when you have wires and cables that are in places that could see a lot of foot traffic, especially somewhere were there is going to be a lot of people, like maybe classrooms, factories, home shows or outdoor events, you really can't afford to have those cables exposed, because not only could they be damaged themselves, but they would be a very real tripping hazard. Well, with our Medium Duty Two Channel Drop Over Cable Cover, this issue is completely eliminated, as you can install it over cables incredibly fast and be completely assured of its durability and effectiveness, regardless of your setting. As you can see, the cable cover is fairly broad, providing optimal space for your cords and wires, while this sloped center keeps it foot friendly to those traveling over top of it. This raised diamond tread is going to further reduce the chances of tripping, but let's flip it over to see how those wires are actually situated. So, what makes this cable cover unique from other drop over protectors are these two channels, which will let you run more lines than ever before, without compromising the quality of protection provided. Not only can it fit more, but the presence of this separator is going to keep the option open for you to separate certain lines if you need to, as well as ensure that there is minimal twisting of the cords. These channels are a full 1 inch high, and 1 and 3/4 inches high, so very able to fit quite a lot of standard sized cables. But, another reason why this two channel cable cover is so valuable is its durability. The bottom is made from this extremely dense black rubber, and it is going to more than withstand the outdoor elements, should you take it there. At 10 3/4 inches wide and 48 inches long, this cable protector is far less flimsy than some other thinner covers, so its size, combined with the sturdy rubber, come together to form an extremely tough and hardy tool to provide the most optimal coverage you could ask for. And of course, this drop over design is going to mean the installation is as quick and easy as lining up the cords your working with, aligning then to the channels and placing the length over top, so no wrestling lines into narrow channels or enclosures. But finally, the really exceptional thing about this product, aside from the fact that its very inexpensive, is that you can fully customize the lengths yourself, thanks to these sturdy, interlocking ends. They will allow you to create runs as lengthy as you need, while also ensuring that modules don't shift and pinch their contents, or cause tripping. So that's it for our Medium Duty Two Channel Drop Over Cable Cover. I'm sure you can see how it is going to be vital in any setting where you have exposed wires and foot traffic, protecting both people and components in a variety of settings. Please give us a call, or check out our website to see this and many other great cable management products. For Cable Ties and More, I'm Gill, take care.

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