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Flexible water-resistant (IP67) LED Light Strips

Flexible water-resistant (IP67) LED Light Strips

Eco-Friendly, Indoor/Outdoor

Excellent Patio Lighting
Excellent Patio Lighting
Perfect for Pools
Perfect for Pools


• A 16.4 ft/5 meter spool contains 300 3528SMD LEDs
• Flexible LED light reels for universal application
• Indoor/Outdoor use: product encased in water-resistant silicone sleeve (IP67)
• Easily cut and linked together for custom applications
• Brightness controlled by an optional dimmer
• Easy installation, with factory applied double-sided adhesive
• Eco friendly - only requires a fraction of the electricity needed to a power an equivalent lumen bulb
• LEDs last more than 50000 hours

Our flexible and water-resistant LED lighting strips are the perfect low cost, eco-friendly solution to your lighting needs.  Easily installed and highly efficient these LEDs last up to 50,000 hours.  With their 3M adhesive backing, installation can be a simple as peel-and-stick.  Available in 4 distinct colors, our Flexible and water-resistant LED Strip Lights are perfect for a multitude of lighting applications.

Four Colors Available
Application 1 Application 2
(Warm White and Neutral White Not Shown)

Perfect For Atmospheric Lighting (Applications)
Pool Lighting Patio Lighting Pool Lighting Pool Lighting
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Input Voltage: 12V DC
Power Consumption (per spool): 4.8 Watts/m
Available Colors: Warm White, Neutral White, Red, Blue
Color Temp.: 2700k (Warm White), 5000k (Neutral White)
Lumens per ft.: 70 (Warm White), 78 (Neutral White), 24 (Red), 12 (Blue)
CRI: 75 (Warm White), 80 (Neutral White)

Spool Weight: 9 oz.
Width: 0.4 in.
Depth: 0.2 in.
Spool Length: 16.4 ft.
IP Rating: IP67

LED Spacing: 0.65 in. (between centers)
Cuttable: every 3 LEDs / 2 in.
Beam Angle : 120°
Fixture Surface Temp. : 68° - 104° F
UV/IR Radiation: None
Lifespan: 50,000 hours

This product is NOT meant for full submersion under water. Not for use in or around chlorinated or salt water.

Video Presentation
Video Transcript

Hey! Dynamic lighting can drastically change the appearance of any setting, making a room look professional, subdued, calming, or really funky. Traditional lighting however has a few setbacks, like high power consumption, invasive and  drug-out installation time, or safety concerns due to high heat emission. But, increasingly, LED lighting is what people are turning to, since they emit more light per watt, remain cool, have shock resistance as well as slow failure, and are not affected by size or shape in terms of efficiency, like other light bulbs.

And now, at Cable Ties and More, with our new Flexible and water-resistant LED Light Strips, you have the inexpensive, quick and attractive way to create compelling lighting effects that still leaves you in full control of routing. So here are a couple of spools. We sell them in 5 meter lengths, and each spool has 300 of these 3528 LED lights. Now the name refers to the dimensions of the chips themselves, because they are 3.5mm by 2.8mm, so you can see we're working with quite tiny, but still powerful LED's. We carry them in four colors of blue, red, warm or neutral white. As you can see, there is a sleeve over top of the LED's, and this is made of a durable water-resistant silicon, allowing for underwater effects. While many light strips available leave the installation up to you, our strips feature a strong adhesive back. This will let you install lengths quickly and without help, although supplemental brackets may be required for underwater runs.

So since these strips could be used for drop lighting in an entire conference room, or just to jazz up your entertainment system or bar, they need to be fully malleable by you, which is great because they can be easily cut, with the lines separating solder points as a guide. This allows you to link spools or use fragments only, and design your own custom space.

Now, to get these strips going you are going to need both the DC wire plug and the AC power adapter. We sell all three items separately, or together as a complete kit. Now, take the end of the strip your starting with, and solder the wires to the copper connectors in there. Make sure that your wires are not crossed, and that positive leads to positive and negative to negative as you then connect it to the wire plug. From there, once you have affixed the AC power adapter you are really ready to go. The adapter gives you 6 feet to work with, and simply unplug when you're done.

So there you have it. We also have an optional dimmer, giving you even more control of your lighting, and the LED's are going to last for roughly 50,000 hours, so way longer than regular bulbs. Remember, not only will this save you money thanks to the incredibly low electrical needs, but this is great news for the environment as well. Now, with the very low heat emission and the fact that there are no UV rays make the LED light strips really great for more delicate settings, like maybe an art gallery or a wine cellar. And the fact that the operating temperature can dip to -40 degrees Celsius means these are great for year round use, indoor and out.

So providing fantastic atmosphere in restaurants, dining rooms, home theaters, on a boat, or behind an aquarium or a TV, our LED light strips are the inexpensive and resilient solution to a huge range of lighting needs. So please make sure you check them out at, along with all of our other great products, or give us a call because we would love to hear from you, and help you find exactly what you're looking for. Thanks for watching, and take care. 

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Rating :


Flexible water-resistant (IP67) LED Light Strips 5
by: Sharon
These lights are fantastic! I wanted to add some lighting to my garden and decided to try these out. They work perfectly and so far have stood up to being waterproof. I love the way they stand out in the dark and make the garden look.

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