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While I admit to knowing little about their importance a few years ago, there is no doubt in my mind now how vital server racks are, and the headaches they save. Everyone from IT professionals to families enjoying their home theater require housing for components that allows air target, while keeping technology from harms way. This, essentially, is what server racks are all about. However in many settings, server racks are more than just storage, they are the (warm) buzzing hub of a vast amount of activity. In the case of many businesses, schools, factories and offices, the enterprise of a day revolves around the switches, servers and patch panels that nest inside these units. The safety and ventilation of the machines is pretty important then, so accordingly we carry a range of Kendall Howard racks & accessories Kendall Howard server racks & accessories. But of course, not only is the landscape of IT rapidly evolving, the technology it keeps up with develops daily as well. So, with these fluctuations in mind, a rigid and bulky server rack may strike some as limiting, setting installations a little too firmly in stone. For those who this applies to, with ever growing server rooms and rambling expanses of components, the Kendall Howard Wall Mount Server Rack is, bluntly, exactly what you’re looking for.



Made from 16 gauge steel, this rack comes in 8 or 12 U sizes (U’s, units of space, is the language of measurement for server racks) and the 14 gauge rails are 19” EIA compliant, ensuring standardization and a snug fit for your technology. Where this rack is unique though is its totally adjustable size. There are only 2 pieces to the design, allowing you to assemble and install in under 5 minutes, but the fact that you can accommodate sizes or various equipment means that housing need not to be changed when technology is. The sides are cut out, so while items are exposed to external settings (more so than in something like a Corner Wall Mount Cabinet ventilation is taken care of already, and routine maintenance will be hassle free. A solid 250 Lbs of weight is supported by a single rack, and with universal mounting holes the unit can be placed on a ceiling, wall, or under a desk.


So basically, this Wall Mount Server Rack is quick to install, easy to maintain, and does the air flow work for you.


Versatile and straightforward, it is everything your patch cables and switches need. Final points are that it comes with standard, pre-tapped rail holes. It is also made in the USA and is quite inexpensive, more so with our competitive pricing. Did I mention it takes 5 minutes to set up? Sorry, rickety shelving and overheated storage. Thanks but no thanks.