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Flexible Cable Trays - Snake Tray

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Cable Trays are integral when you have a bunch of wires that will be routed around a significant space, which must still be protected and out of the way. I like to think of them as cable highways, where you are free to go about your business, whether in an industrial or factory setting or the halls of a school, as wires are silently bustling along the overpass above you. Telecommunications and fiber optics cables tend to travel in packs, and those large yet delicate clusters require trays to support them without droops and sagging, though routing rigid lengths of tray systems becomes difficult and frustrating in more unique or close spaces. Getting the exact specs of an area and calculating what lengths will or won't work takes time, but with our new, extremely versatile Snake Tray, you have a tray working with your specifications, rather than against them.


Made of a flexible steel, trays can actually be hand-bent quickly, allowing you be the designer and dictate where a turn or drop is needed. While my image of an overpass is an option, the Snake Tray cable tray is also able to mount to walls or below raised flooring, so they can be hidden or easily accessed. The sides of the tray are high enough to guard your lines, and for uses where a truly huge load needs management, the Double Channel Snake Tray won't groan under a far larger capacity of wires, and allows for separation. This serpentine system is the inexpensive and easily manipulated solution for tricky specifications, and the only cable tray that does let you mold it in any manner you need. The lengths are 98” long, giving you just over 8 feet to work with at a time, and systems are easily arranged and connected. So if you are planning on setting up some trays for your bundles of cables, make sure you go with Snake Trays, and don't be stuck with fixed and uncompromising lengths. Because after all, we all need a bit of flexibility.