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Avery Dennison Cable Tie Tools


• Built to withstand the rigors of daily use on assembly line or production operations
• Improved internal mechanism design increases long-term tool reliablity
• Ergonomically shaped body and handle for operator comfort
• Minimal distance between trigger and handle lowvers the force needed to operate the tool
• Easy to read tension setting indicator
• Non-slip adjustment knob ensures consistency from one operator to another
• Nose of tool allows easy access for miniature, intermediate and standard ties
• Optimal blade and tool geometry improves cutting capability for more precise custs
• Replacement parts and accessory kits available - call for pricing
• Can handle ties with widths from .10" to .19" (2.54mm - 4.83mm)

Large scale assembly and production lines need tools that are designed to help achieve and improve efficiencies. To help achieve this goal CableTiesAndMore now introduces two Avery Dennison Cable Tie tool for fast and reliable cable tie setup and installation. The cable tie tool is ergonomically designed to work in high production industries and at the same time reduce fatigue that is common with repetitive use.

There are two models to choose from; the Manual Cable Tie Tool and the Pneumatic Cable Tie Tool. Both models are made from durable cast aluminum that is lightweight and easy to use. Their trigger is made closer to the handle for user comfort. They are tested to be consistent in cutting cycles and can accommodate all miniature, standard, and intermediate cable ties ranging in widths from 2.54mm to 4.83mm. Both Avery Dennison models have a tension setting indicator that is easy to read, a non-slip adjustment knob for precise applications, and a blade and tool geometry which improves cutting efficiency. These tools are popular and commonly used in industrial applications and other busy and high production environments.

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CTG12001-0 Avery Dennison Manual Cable tie Tool Avery Dennison Manual Cable tie Tool Qty :

CTG12500-0 Avery Dennison Pneumatic Cable Tie Tool Avery Dennison Pneumatic Cable Tie Tool Qty :

Manual Cable Tie Tool Product Specifications
Item # Description Tools per Box Tools per Case Minimum Order
CTG12001-0 Manual Cable Tie Tool 1 Tool 30 Tools 1 Tool

Manual Cable Tie Tool

Pneumatic Cable Tie Tool Product Specifications
Item # Description Tools per Box Tools per Case Minimum Order
CTG12500-0 Manual Cable Tie Tool 1 Tool 30 Tools 1 Tool

Pneumatic Cable Tie Tool
  Feature Benefit

Minimized distance between trigger and handle

Tool body shaped to fit comfortably in hand

Reduces operator fatigue

Reduces operator fatigue

Lightweight Body halves made of rugged lightweight cast aluminum Built to be comfortable and long lasting

Easy to read tension setting numbers

Easy to grip adjustment Knob

Blade Cover is indented

Wide gap in Blade Cover allows easy cable tie access

Easy blade replacement with single screw attachment

Pawl has optimal teeth geometry

Accurate and consistent tension setting

Quick tension adjustments

Allows cable ties to be cut close to head

Fits miniature, intermediate and standard ties (2.54mm - 4.83mm)

More consistent cuts and less down time

Prevents cable tie from slipping


Hardened all internal components

Pawl and Blade Cover are metal injection molded and hardened stainless steel

Trigger made with glass reinforced nylon to add strength

Improved wear resistance

Strong and long lasting

Resists breakage

Value Improved tool while keeping costs consistent Better value
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