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Fabric Heat Shrink

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That autumn chill is definitely in the air these days, and for any of us who aren’t snowbirds, bundling up has become part of our daily rituals. Thus a good sweater is a staple in your wardrobe. Something warm yet still stylish enough to wear in public is the goal.


Come to think of it, overall that's the desired result for anything in life; which is what I’m getting at despite my fashion rambling. Combining practicality and aesthetics into something completely functional is a beautiful thing, literally! This (finally) brings me to the introduction of one of our most contemporary products, known both as Fabric Heat Shrink


This unique product is the star child of our Heat Shrink products. Fabricated out of a blend of Polyester and Polyolefin yarns, Shrinkflex tubing offers the convenience and durability of regular Heat Shrink while also giving a polished look. This is an ideal product for automotive engine restoration projects, giving an authentic oldies look to that 1955 Chevy or that 1960 T-Bird you’ve been working on, (excuse my drooling.)


Available in various standard sizes, Shrinkflex protects wires from both abrasions and extreme temperatures. Simply choose and sort the cords that need organizing and slip them through the Shrinkflex. From there, apply heat of 176ºF and watch as the tubing shrinks down to half its’ size, hugging the cables together and protecting them indefinitely.


Here are a few general benefits of wrapping your cords in Fabric Heat Shrink


  • Condensed cords are safer (for both you and the cords)

  • De-clutters and gives an authentic finished look

  • Halogen-free


A modern product combining the best traits of two of our most popular and reliable products, we strongly suggest Shrinkflex to our clients for their wire wrapping needs that involve a very neat finished look. Another bonus to the Shrinkflex is that it eliminates any noise or rattling of the wires inside, as they are completely compressed together.


Shrinkflex tubing can withstand temperatures between -40° F and 257° F and is very flexible. It not only protects cords from gradual wear and tear, but liquids as well; including lubricating oil, antifreeze, brake fluid, engine oil, unleaded gasoline, diesel fluid, hydraulic fluid, mineral hydraulic fluid, battery acid, and water. And should at some point you need to free up the cables you’ve bound in Shrinkflex, all you need is a pair of scissors to get them out.


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