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Waterproof Emergency Beacon Light

Full of Emergency Features


• Flashlight, emergency beacon, lantern combo lights
• Built in Window/Glass Hammer
• Built in Cutter (for boxes, safety/seat belts, etc..)
• Completely Waterproof
• Built in Magnetic Base

Our waterproof emergency beacon light is an extremely powerful and useful safety tool.  This light includes not only a typical flashlight, but also: emergency beacon, lantern, cutter (box, safety/seat belt), window/glass hammer, and a magnetic base.

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Waterproof Emergency Beacon Light


Hey! Our Waterproof Emergency Beacon Light is meant for complete car safety coverage. You have many life-saving features packed into one for thorough road safety. The lightweight body features two buttons, clearly labeled, for zero confusion in crucial moments. One click of the flashlight button and a single LED will be illuminated in the tip, and two click enables three along the body, for a strong band of light.

Now, with one click of the beacon button, three red LED's mounted opposite the three white ones will flash rapidly, and thanks to the strong magnetic base, it can be mounted to the exterior of the car for a consistent and clearly placed distress signal. But the final two features make this an incredible safety tool. A bet cutter is located at the base, shielded from harming users, but readily accessible to quickly cut through the thickly woven seat belts of vehicles. Opposite it you will see a tough pick, designed to break windows quickly from the inside.

So don't let your vehicle be without this incredibly inexpensive safety tool. Don't wait to toss out your old, outdated flashlights. Head over to, or give us a call.

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