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For one quiet summer many years ago, I spent my time not writing blogs and espousing cable management knowledge, but as a secretary in a doctors office. Something bringing me daily grief was the tangle of cables under foot, making my solo office a dysfunctional black-hole for pens and ports alike (not to mention ugly, lucky for the concealment of my receptionist blockade). While this example is extremely small scale, in areas like office buildings, conference halls or hotels, where a professional aesthetic is required along with a real need for major power/data access, solutions generally involve expensive construction for coring or raised flooring, or power poles that take up your space. Thankfully,  frustrated architectural minds came together to put an end to these bleak options, and the result is our new product,  the Connectracin carpet.


it provides individual connections, and each length of  Connectrac™ boasts two 110-volt power receptacles, as well as accommodations for 2 - 4 voice/data or AV ports. Installation should take no more than two hours (take that raised flooring) and when installed it  stands a mere .75" high. Simply lay the  aluminum base on a cleared track of floor. The wall of your power connection needs the brief interference of an electrician, while being made accessible with a small hole. The conduit & receptacle are placed on the track, with wires fed through the wall. Next, ramps are placed along the length, and here Connectrac™stands above the rest. Ramps are made from moisture resistant MDF and have a low slope, so no jarring ridges for feet and rolling furniture. Over these ramps carpet will be replaced, minimizing the appearance. Once ramps are fitted and secured with adhesive, an end ramp frames the box, allowing another gentle slope. A cover secures the receptacle, and the wireway top cap snaps on, with 5 finish options to complement your area.


As a fix for bulky or expensive data/power access, Connectrac™ is the best option with its  sleek appearance and major savings on time and money. Our product page has a comprehensive video for all you DIY installers, so don't hesitate! This system is simple yet brilliant, and will save your setting from looking like the office of a novice secretary while getting you the power you need.