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Rip Tie® Cinch Strap EG Cable Straps

Available in 7" & 10" Lengths x 1 Strap Width

Rip Tie® Cinch Strap EG Cable Straps

  • Attach To Any Rack or Surface.
  • Non-magnetic Grommet Spreads Load Evenly Without Risk of Ripping Fabric.
  • Can Be Oriented In Any Directions

A Professional quality strap for taking the stress off connectors and managing cable bundles on and inside wiring racks, mobile carts, along walls, over doorways and in wiring closets. Attach to any rack or surface. Use any fastener up to 1/4" diameter for mounting. Brass grommet. Non-magnetic grommet spreads fastener load evenly without risk of ripping fabric. Can be oriented in any directions.

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Product Details

Professionals like the quality, durability and value that this strap brings to rack management.


Product Specifications

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Model # Product size Maximum Bundle Diameter
EG-07-G-02 1" x 7" 1.5″
EG-10-G-02 1” x 10” 2.5″
EG-16-G-02 1” x 16” 4.25″
EG-22-G-02 1” x 22” 6.25″
EG-28-G-02 1” x 28” 8.25″
EG-34-G-02 1” x 34” 10.0″
EG-36-G-02 1” x 36” 14.0″


Material Hook-and-Loop Touch Fastener: Nylon
Pull-Tab: Nylon
Dimensions Buckle: 1.34" / 3.4 cm
Strap: 1 x 7" / 2.54 x 30.48 cm


  • Heavy-Duty Utility Strap
  • Non-Metallic
  • Hook-and-Loop Fabric and Double Stitch

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