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Cable Trays

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Cable tray systems are commonly used for supporting electric wires and cables in construction. They can be considered substitutes for electrical conduits and open wiring systems thanks to their accessible yet protective design. They are especially useful when looking for cable support systems that are easily adaptable to changes in wiring, as their open structure provides easier installation than pipe structures.

What kinds of cable tray systems are there?

The three main types of cable tray systems we carry are the wire basket cable tray, the ladder cable tray and the snake cable tray.

Wire basket trays are the most common for cable routing and cable management solutions. They provide sturdy support of cables while keeping an accessible structure, and are versatile in where they can be located. Whether you need them hung from the ceiling, stashed below flooring or mounted on a wall, wire basket cable troughs are readily available for support. Their grid-like pattern also allows for optimal airflow and thus prevents overheating and wire malfunction.

Ladder cable trays are another type of cable support trays that are ideal for wires and cables installed vertically. Their unique design is best for fiber cabling or when looking for a system that saves space. Their structures are also designed to carry especially heavy weights, making ladder cable trays popular in industrial construction.

Snake cable trays are by far the most versatile in structure and location. These flexible cable trays are manufactured to be bendable in nature, making them ideal for customization. They are preferred in environments with many obstacles and/or lack of space, as they are easily pliable and do not require clipping and re-connecting.

What materials am I dealing with when purchasing cable tray systems?

When deciding on which cable system to buy, it is important to look at what sort of material it is made out of or coated with in order to see if it will meet your wire tray needs. Our cable trays are available in a variety of zinc plated and steel/powder coated options. The PRO 10 CM10 and CM20 powder coated cable trays are a good go-to because of their 11-gauge steel material, offering great protection for corrosion. The M.E.2 zinc-plated steel cable trays are an even better choice if your wires are at greater risk of deterioration as these trays have increased corrosion protection. If you want to save on price without compromising quality, the Economical cable trays are an ideal choice as they provide the same sturdy protection with affordable pricing. Our Nextframe and Cooper-B lines, however, provide some of the sturdiest and highest quality cable tray systems available.

Which system would be best when protecting cables in automated machinery?

If you're looking for a system that provides the same quality protection as cable trays but is compatible with automated machinery, you may want to look at cable and hose carriers. Specifically manufactured for quiet operation, these carriers are best suited for use in environments that are just not compatible with standard wire tray systems. The Igus line of cable carriers is especially beneficial for automated machinery because of its water and temperature resistance and limited bend radius.

What other things will I need when purchasing cable trays?

We recommend you look at browsing some cable tray ceiling hangers and other accessories when purchasing your cable trays. Loop cable hangers are also convenient if you are looking for a simple and cheap alternative to suspending your wires and cables without the need for cable trays.

Cable Trays are ideal for use in home, building, and other construction sites. The three types of cable trays are M.E.2, CM20 and the Economical Cable Trays. M.E.2 is made of 0.187 diameter zinc plated steel wire while CM20 meets UL requirements as a ground conductor and has five different colors that is Yellow, Chrome, White, Black, and Orange.

Cable Trays M.E.2, Pro-10 Series-CM10, Pro-10 Series-CM20, Cable Support

These trays are easy to customize because of its variety in sizes and shapes. The user can choose from Straight, L-shape, T-shape, and X-shape cable trays that can also be mixed and matched. These different shapes of cable trays can be interconnected using common splice washer clamps. They all provide ease in cable routing because of its 2x4 inch grid and factory fabricated junction that cuts down time and cost of installation. Cabletray can be installed on ceilings, walls, or under raised flooring. Users must follow National Electrical Code for proper building equipment grounding when using this product.

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