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(also known by our namesake, cable ties) are quite simply everywhere. Once you start looking, you will see them at use on flag poles, displays, rigging tarp to fences, pairing shoes in department stores, etc. I could go on, but I bet you can recall an unexpected time you saw them too. As a rampant DIY master, I rarely see my brother-in-law without a pack literally in his back pocket. One day I will peruse his property and count the projects he used zip ties for, but I digress. We know standard zip ties are useful, and that likely the very fabric of our world is held together by them. But less known is how many types of ties there are, designed with specificity for those unique tasks they seem to pepper the globe with.


You know Made of 6/6 nylon, we carry the colors natural and black, which is UV protected. Releasable zip ties improve on single-use ties, allowing you to re-use the mighty strips securely. Most zip ties you may see have grooves along the underside, which supply degrees of tension when you pull tight. Ladder zip ties however have gaps instead, and far fewer to boot, so you can trust them on delicate bundles as tension is easier to control. Our adhesive mount and mounted head zip ties solve the issue of affixing before you even encounter it. Mounts attach to surfaces, with slots to thread a tie through. Mounted head ties have a hole for secure placement on a tack or nail. Getting a bit fancier (in application, not expense) are our stainless steel zip ties, ideal for conditions like extreme temperatures or corrosion. While all our zip ties come in an array of lengths and tensile strengths (measurements of how much they hold, important to check out!) duct strap zip ties are almost overblown in proportion, meant specifically for air ducts. Our Tefzel ties withstand the most harsh elements of any tie, even radiation (if only people were so hardy). hook & loop wraps are as re-usable as they are soft, ideal for bundling household items or toys. Our metal pawl ties have an integrated head and body for optimum closure. And finally (phew) our Flag Ties, Tag All Ties", pull tight and Serialized Zip Ties are different models which allow you to identify the contents of a bundle easily through color coding, tags to write on, or serialized numbers.

All these zip ties! Different colors, materials, designs. I will likely encounter some on my walk home, too. I have been known to shout, “Ladder! Ladder zip tie!” to only an empty sidewalk.


We also carry Cable Tie Kits & Tools" so no need to damage hands on installations.