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Cable Tie Guns

Additional Information

Cable tie guns (CTG's) transform a messy bunch cables into a neat bundle – quickly, economically and safely. They're ideal for any cabling job: installing CAT-5 throughout an entire building, or simply tidying up the mess of cables that connect your PC to its peripherals. Plastic tie wraps – sometimes called “zip ties” – are used in automotive work, many electronic products and even in surgery to gently secure tubing together. They're used to tie bags and to attach a price and product information tag to a retail consumer product -- but most often, to bind a number of cables into a neat bundle.


Manually pulling a cable tie tight then cutting it with a razor knife or side-cutter pliers leaves sharp edges at the cutting point that can abrade and cut your hands as you position and route cable bundles. Manually installing stainless steep tie wraps is even more dangerous and likely to cause injury.


Using a cable tie gun you'll get a clean cut, flush with the head of the tie wrap with no sharp edges exposed. Using a CTG can save you time and give you a neater, safer installation.




Using a CTG is easy. Our entire line of CTG's feature a tension adjustment that allows you to automatically dial in the tightness needed.



  1. Choose a tie wrap appropriate for the diameter of the cable bundle.

  2. Set the gun's tension adjustment to the desired setting.

  3. Wrap the tie around the bundle and insert its tapered tail-end through the head.

  4. Slide the tail of the tie wrap into the CTG.

  5. Pull the handle on the CTG. It will pull the tie wrap to the tension setting you've chosen. Once that tension is reached the CTG makes a clean cut with no dangerous protrusions or sharp edges. (Note:Some of our cable tie guns have a cutting bar (handle) you operate to cut the tie once the proper tension is achieved).



Cable tie guns are indispensable for large cable management jobs yet give even the smallest job a neat, professional appearance. Learn about our selection of cable tie guns. They're available in economy models for do it yourself projects and range to pneumatically power professional models for manufacturing and high volume commercial cabling projects.