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Cable Raceway On A Roll

Additional Information

Sick of tripping over messy cords?


The Cable Raceway on a roll is the perfect way to cover up messy cables in the office, classroom, and around your home. This product is available in three sizes, and is ideal for light foot traffic in an indoor setting. It also also helps to prevent any tripping hazards, creating a safe and tidy environment!


The Cable Raceway on a roll is extremely easy to use and install. The product comes in three sizes that are available in multiple lengths, and can be easily cut to your desired length by using regular scissors. Not to mention, the double-sided tape included with the product makes for a trouble-free installation. The small, medium, and large Cable Raceway on a roll can be seen below:


This product is available in bulk rolls and can be cut to length for multiple applications if required. It is the perfect safe and non-obstrusive option for your wire management needs. If you are interesting in purchasing a Cable Raceway on a roll, please feel free to give us a call at 1-877-284-7760 or check out our website, with many offerings and everyday low prices!


Do you have pets that love to chew on your household electrical cords?


If so, Chewsafe is the product for you!


Chewing on cords may not only destroy the cords, but also puts your pets in risk of being burned, shocked, electrocuted, or even starting a fire in your home. This product eliminates that risk by discouraging most pets from dangerous and destructive cord chewing.


Chewsafe™ provides an effective sensory deterrent to cord chewing: A bitter crab apple flavor.


The bitter crab apple taste is infused into the product, so that, unlike topical agents, the taste will not wipe or rub off. This helps to deter most household pets from approaching and chewing on the protected cords. The infused crab apple flavor is non-toxic, ensuring the safety of your pet. The product is also made from heavy gauge medical grade tubing, providing an additional line of defence against your pets.


For other household cable and cord cover protection options against persistent chewers, please see our Floor Cord Cover Kits, our Safcord Cord Covers, or our Wall Cord Covers.


If you are interesting in purchasing a Chewsafe™ cord protector, please feel free to give us a call at 1-877-284-7760 or check out our website with many offerings and everyday low prices