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What are Cable Protectors?

Additional Information

"These protectors come with 2 or 5 channels When seeking cable protection, it is easy to choose a cord cover that contains a wire, yet fails treacherously in other defences. For example, an unwieldy heavy duty protector that is difficult to set up at least gives secure coverage in the end, right? But alas, just because a cover is bulky enough for heavy duty weight, unless dense, units shift from external impact and cables are as bad off as ever. But the heartache doesn’t stop there. You may find that ‘durable’ plastic cracks in winter, that height disturbs traffic, hard-to-see covers become a hazard in dark, or that there is not enough space for many cables. Now, while there are an array of covers that we sell Light Capacity Cord Covers, Medium capacity cord covers, Heavy Duty cord covers, Decorative cord covers, Industrial Cable Covers, ADA Compliant Cord Covers for heavy duty protection that won’t give patchy, frustrating results there is one solution which stands a head above the rest. Our Heavy Duty Rubber Cable Protector blank Heavy Duty Rubber Cable Protector can be selected with 2 or 5 internal channels, and has got your back regarding the nitty-gritty details of floor cable management.


Coming in lengths of 39” for the 2 channel and 35” for the 5 channel, modules have strong connectors at each end. Interlocking is easy, and insertion is done by lifting the yellow lid (designed for easy access and visibility), laying cords along the inside channels and closing the top, with set-up taking a fraction of the time it may on likely less effective covers. The entire unit is made to be easily spotted, Seen here in 5 channels, we also have 2 channel models available" with a black body contrasting the yellow & making it suitable in dark factories, plants or warehouses as well as commercial settings. These protectors are made from dense, weather resistant, commercial grade thermo plastic molded rubber which is great news for your cords. Now not only attached to modules at either end, but as a cohesive length there will be no shifting regardless if a person kicks it, a dolly is pushed or a truck drives over.

Speaking of appropriate traffic, the 2 channel model withstands 12,000 Lbs per axle, and the 5 channel up to 18,000, so these covers are no fair-weather friends but true to their heavy-duty word. With a 28 degree incline, people and machines cross smoothly without a dramatic drop, and since that rubber operates in ranges from -40 to +130 °F, you could be ankle deep in the frigid slush of winter with the only worry being your socks. A final concern with a heavy duty protector, especially one which so totally covers your bases, is the heavy-duty price tag. But we maintain some of the lowest prices in the industry, ensuring that even a lengthy run with this meticulous coverage is affordable. Both the 2 and 5 channel models are competitively priced, so you won’t have to sacrifice a quick install and peace-of mind to appease your post-holiday wallet.