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Hog Heaven® Anti Fatigue Floor Mats

5/8" or 7/8" Thickness - Dry & Wet Area Compatible

Hog Heaven® Anti Fatigue Floor Mat Features

  • NFSI Certified
  • Rubber borders will not crack or curl
  • Chemical resistant, grease & oil-proof
  • Anti-Static
  • Welding Safe
  • 5/8” and 7/8” thickness Options
  • Borders are beveled and are available with OSHA approved color: yellow
  • Nitrile rubber top surface has 20% recycled content
  • Closed-cell Nitrile blended cushion is permanently molded (not glued) to the Nitrile rubber top surface

Hog Heaven® mats are Highly Recommended for distribution, manufacturing and retail facilities for picking lines, assembly lines, work stations, check-out stations and more

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Only Yellow Striped Border Is OSHA Approved

Product Details

Hog Heaven is the most popular anti-fatigue mat. It's ability to perform in a variety of indoor environments (from sensitive to harsh) make it a "go-to" solution for indoor commercial and industrial settings where slag, grease, and oil, or chemicals are present.

Hog Heaven mats can be cleaned by scrubbing with a deck brush (when needed), using detergent with a neutral pH, and rinsing with a hose or pressure washer.  Mats should be laid flat or hung to dry.

2' x 3' (23" x 32")
3' x 5' (32" x 58")
3' x 12' (32" x 143")
4' x 6' (46" x 70")
4.8' x 8' (58" x 95")

Custom sizes are available in widths of 2' (23"), 3' (32"), 4' (46"), and 4.8' (58") and lengths up to 100'. Please note that mats over 60' will have up to 2 seams.

Please note, mat sizes are approximate as rubber shrinks and expands in conjunction with temperature and time. Tolerable manufacturing size variance is 3-5%.

Product Specifications

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Material: Nitrile rubber

Material: High-density, closed-cell nitrile/PVC-blended foam

OVERALL MAT THICKNESS: 5/8 inch (0.6250" ) or 7/8 inch (0.8750") depending on the product selected


  • Durometer: 56
  • Compression Deflection:
         5/8" Mat: 47.8% at 20 psi, 61.6% at 40 psi
         7/8" Mat: 51.0% at 20 psi, 66.0% at 40 psi
  • Certified high-traction by the National Floor Safety Institute (NFSI)
  • Passes flammability standard DOC-FF1-70
  • ASTM C1028-96 static coefficient of friction:
         Dry 0.87 
         Wet 0.85
  • ESD rating of electrically conductive:
         Surface to surface at 50% relative humidity 2.6 x 10^5 ohms
         Surface to surface at 12% relative humidity 3.0 x 10^5 ohms
  • Meets requirements for ASTM/ESD S20.20 and ASTM/ESD S7.1
  • Melt point over 500 degrees F; tested at temperatures up to 1800 degrees F for welding/slag resistance (results available upon request)

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