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Convoshield Chrome Aluminized Wire Loom


ConvoShield Aluminum Tube
ConvoShield Aluminum Tube


• Provides protection of hoses and wires in heated environments up to 1000°F
• Provides thermal protection
• Resistant to automotive fluids
• Chrome finish
• Slit lenghtwise for easy installation
CableTiesAndMore offers you the ConvoShield AL Aluminized Slit Tubing; a cost-effective and a practical way of protecting cables and wires from heat and high-temperature environments. ConvoShield Aluminized split wire loom was primarily designed to provide thermal protection for components that are highly exposed to heat. Designed by Bentley Harris, this product was tested and approved to provide some degree of static dissipation, RFI shielding and can withstand heated environments up to 1000°F.
One of the most annoying and time-consuming problems that people encounter nowadays are automobile wiring defects and breakdowns. Especially for busy working people, car problems are a nightmare because it disrupts all plans and scheduled task for the day. Likewise, some industries that use heat engine compartments encounter the same problems and delays in manufacturing just because of wire and cable breakdowns. This chrome finished ConvoShield is resistant to automotive fluids, classed as insulative against 12-volt battery currents, and very easy to install with its lengthwise slit. This product is being used and has been very popular to car owners, automobile industries and other manufacturing companies. Available in sizes of 3/8”, 1/2”, 5/8”, and 3/4”, with a standard length of 37.40”.
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Overview / Dimensions
Description Model # Size Length Color
1/4" ConvoShield AL Aluminized Tubing, 37.40” COSHLD025 1/4" 37.40” Chrome
3/8" ConvoShield AL Aluminized Tubing, 37.40” COSHLD038 3/8" 37.40” Chrome
1/2" ConvoShield AL Aluminized Tubing, 37.40” COSHLD050 1/2" 37.40” Chrome
5/8" ConvoShield AL Aluminized Tubing, 37.40” COSHLD058 5/8" 37.40” Chrome
3/4" ConvoShield AL Aluminized Tubing, 37.40” COSHLD075 3/4" 37.40” Chrome


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Test Property Results
Heat Aging Aged at 170°C for 168 hours No damage to product
Cold Bend Test Low temperature flexibility -40°C
BH100-003 (ref MS-NA1-7) Fluid resistance (30 min soak) No sign of product degradation or delamination of
Heat Distortion Oven aging at 180°C for 3 hours Product not flat or distorted
FMVSS 302 Automotive Flammability Test Pass
Applied voltage rate of 500 V/s in dielectric chamber Electrical Conductivity Classed insulative in 12V applications
Exterior Surface Highly Reflective Aluminum -
Substrate Base Nylon Copolymer -
Substrate Surface hermoplastic Molded Tubing -
Video Presentation
Convo Shield Aluminized Tubing Video
Video Transcript

Hey, it’s Gill, from Cable Ties and More, now, I think it’s safe to say that most of us in our daily lives spend at least some of our time depending on automobiles. So be they cars, trucks or motorcycles, it is just important that we get from point A to point B with as few setbacks as possible. Now unfortunately, breakdowns caused by cable or wire defects are pretty unforeseeable and can definitely delay your schedule for the day. Now, not only do you want something that is durable and is going to offer great protection, but chances are you’ll want a wire protector that has a bit of style as well. So, there’s no need to rely on the flimsy, cheap plastic protectors that your going to be stuck with if you turn to other retailers, instead we have an incredible product that adds safety and a flashy, sexy look so you’ll never have to hesitate again before displaying your engine. So I’m talking about the Bentley Harris Convo Shield, and it’s really going to be ideal for show cars, bikes, or just any vehicle that you care about and take pride in the appearance of. Now, along with looking fantastic, what it’s going to do for you is protect wire harnesses in situations of extreme heat, against various automotive fluids, it’s going to provide a certain degree of static dissipation, and its also going to withstand battery currents of up to twelve volts. So, the Convo Shield has an exterior of aluminum, with highly reflective coating and is composed of a nylon co-polymer substrate, which offers you full thermal protection. So this is what is going to give you that really fantastic, polished look, all the class of a nice chrome bumper, but on the inside, just showing a really great level of attention and care to your vehicle. Your engine compartment is really never going to have looked better. So, the Convo Shield is very popular amongst vehicle owners themselves, as well as various people in the automotive industry. Now, our Convo Shield comes in four different sizes, so there is a bit of a spectrum for you to choose from depending on your specific needs and since we really believe that this is an important product for vehicle owners, it is of course priced extremely low. So, its enhanced resistance to heat distortion makes it ideal for such confined space as an engine compartment as it has successfully been shown to withstand temperature of up to 1000 degrees Fahrenheit easily. So, a full gauntlet of tests have been run on this product, from heat aging, flammability tests, to voltage applications and cold bend tests and conclusively, the Convo Shield is the best amour for your vehicle. So I’ll show you how it works, its really simple. So as you can see there is this slit, and that is going to run the full length of your Convo Shield, and it is just through that slit that your going to insert your wires and cables, and they’re going to stay very safely and secured inside there, and of course, this is going to hold its shape really well. It’s very crush resistant and you really don’t need to worry about anything slipping through the slit. And that’s it. The job is going to be done quite quickly despite the cramped area that your likely working in, and you can rest easy knowing that your wires are completely protected thermally, as well as protected against a variety of automotive chemicals, and there is going to be no chance of surface degradation. So ultimately, the Bentley Harris Convo Shield is absolutely a safety measure that you can’t afford to be without. And of course, never to skimp on appearance, I want to emphasize again just how awesomely the added touch of the Convo Shield will effect the overall look of your vehicle. So thank you so much for taking the time to learn about the Bentley Harris Convo Shield, I’m sure you can see the remarkable benefits of never traveling without yours firmly in place. As always, this item is extremely competitively priced, as we are dedicated to offering you quality wire protection as inexpensively as possible. Please don’t hesitate to check out our website, or give us a call, we would love to hear from you. Thanks so much, for Cable Ties and More, I’m Gill, take care.

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Convoshield Chrome Aluminized Wire Loom 5
by: Ray
Hi Tony. I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank you very much for your help! Your customer service is tops, bar none and I will not hesitate to refer your company to others. The ConvoShield locks great and I'm sure it will last a lot longer! Thanks again Tony for you great help. Regards:
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Ray [See More Applications Examples Above]
Convoshield Chrome Aluminized Wire Loom 5
by: Tony
The ConvoShield worked great! Here are a couple shots of the application on my 1955 Chevy... [See More Applications Examples Above]
Convoshield Chrome Aluminized Wire Loom 5
by: Don
i received my order of convoshield. i just wanted to let you know how pleased i am with your product. in the past i bought other chrome wire looms and was extremely upset putting all my time installing it , just to have the finish flake off and turn white,and look like crap! i bought your tool
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,which made installation easier,but your looms held up to it and looks FANTASTIC!!!! i didn't order enough,wanted to check it first,but not only am i going to order more for my bike,but i'm ordering enough to do my classic car.i wanted to keep your product my little secret,but i can't do it! i tell everyone about it and where to get it!great product,keep it up,and please don't discontinue it!

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