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Cable Management

There is little that is more unsightly and unsafe as that of a mass of exposed wires and cables; however, with the effective solutions for cable management, IT departments, trade show organizers and homeowners will have cable management solved with the wide range of cable protectors offered via the Cable Ties and More website. In addition to supplying virtually every type of cable tie available, as well as the biggest choice of cable accessories, such as cable protectors, racks and enclosures, cable organizers, surge protectors, floor cord covers and cord covers, cable management is a breeze. The website is designed to cater to the needs of all buyers who will be able to source exactly what they are looking for and cable management accessories, which are offered via the website are able to easily meet the demands of various applications, like the high capacity cable guard that is able to provide protection to cables in areas where there is a high volume of both pedestrian and vehicular traffic. Effective cable management will take care of the protection of cables and wires, while at the same time ensure that the environment is free from hazards, and with cables and wires that are perfectly concealed, the cable protectors are able to meet both of these needs. The Guard Dog® Modular cable and hose protector is the ultimate in cable management, as this accessory will give protection to cables as well as hose lines and can be used in areas that experience high levels of vehicular as well as pedestrian traffic.

Owing to the wide range of cable accessories and protectors that are offered on the Cable Ties and More website, buyers will be able to effectively carry out cable management by using a comprehensive listing of the available cable protectors, where each protector and sleeve is displayed with their particular specifications as well as uses. Furthermore, online users can view additional accessories offered, which can be used in the realm of cable management, such as the wire mate cable organizer, the braided sleeving, and number of tools designed to cater to the demands of a cable management project. The wire organizers and cord covers are the best way to successfully conceal wires masses and are the best choice for home theatre systems and even small offices that make use of cables for their computer equipment. However, by way of providing protection to cables, the club savers protectors have been designed to hold a number of cables and as such, are the most relied upon when attempting to carry out cable management within a home setup or for corporate clients who have a need to hide multiple wires and cables from computer equipment.

The medium capacity protectors are just as useful in cable management for corporate environments, warehouses, and malls and offer cable protection for electrical cords, hoses, and phone lines. All the prices as well as the technical specifications of the various cable covers and ties can be viewed on the website at, and since payment methods vary, buying online is an easy process. Ensure that you have cable management under control and put your trust in Cable Ties and More - a well-known name in cable management.


We Accept MasterCard, Visa, Discover, American Express, and PayPal

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