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Braided Sleeve

Is your cable sleeve old and dated, or does it simply not provide the organization and performance that you expect? 


Braided Sleeving

Braided Sleeving is a great way to get all your technological cables in order and in place.  Whether it’s for your office or home.


Cable Cover

A great Cable Cover can make things a lot better in the office. It makes you more comfortable walking over and around those cables, and it keeps everything so well organized.


Cable Covers

The Cable Ties and More online site has been designed to provide customers with simple and fast online purchasing of cable covers and related accessories.


Cable Management1

What’s the most fashionable this season? Is it designer brands, hot shoes, and expensive handbags?  No, it’s managing that mess of cables that is pouring out the back of your computer.  Holy Toledo! 


Cable Management

There is little that is more unsightly and unsafe as that of a mass of exposed wires and cables; however, with the effective solutions for cable management.


Cable Protector1

A Cable Protector holds the responsibility of keeping your home, office, and cables perfectly safe—and they just makes them look better! 


Cable Protector

The Cable Ties and More website is an online store that stocks every type of cable tie and cable tie accessory, such as a cable protector.


Cable Protectors1

Have you been holding off the purchase of Cable Protectors because you think; A) I don’t deserve it, B) Its too expensive, or C) I just don’t deserve it?


Cable Protectors

Cable Ties and More is a website that supplies and stocks virtually every kind of cable tie as well as cable accessories, such as innovative cable protectors.


Cable Sleeve1

Everyone needs some organization these days; and for the most part that doesn’t mean the clerical kind.   People are looking to have their computer cords organized.


Cable Sleeve

Online cable sleeve buyers will be more than impressed with the huge selection of cable ties and cable accessories which are offered via the Cable Ties and More website.


Cable Sleeves

Cable Ties and More is pleased to offer electrical contractors, designers, and electricians one of the most extensive ranges of insulation products.


Cable Sleeving

Electrical design technicians, building industries, and electricians will be delighted to have discovered Cable Ties and More.


Cable Ties

If you have been looking for plastic or nylon cable ties, cable tie guns, and all the accessories you need then you will definitely find them at cable Ties and More.


Cable Wire Ties

Nobody likes to look at the ugly wires that come out of their television and computer components. A room that's beautifully decorated and kept spotless can look drab and untidy when there are wires running everywhere.


Cable Zip Ties

Whether you're shopping for only a few or cable zip ties in bulk, it's important to consider your source. Many people think that simply buying their zip ties from any company will be the same as another.


Cables Ties

No matter what reason you have for buying cable ties, you want to make sure to carefully consider your options. Money is tight all around these days.


Cord Cover

When you take the time to decorate your home and make it an environment that you truly love to come home to, it can be extremely frustrating when little things like computer and electronic cords make your home look messy.


Cord Covers

If you've taken the time to make your house a home by decorating and adding your own personal elements to it, the last thing you want is to mar your carefully thought out decorations with cords.



We Accept MasterCard, Visa, Discover, American Express, and PayPal

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