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Raceway Wire and Cable Hider with Cover

Flexible Rubber Flap Holds Cables In Place, Even Overhead

Raceway Wire Hider, Raceway Cable Hider
Raceway Wire Hider, Raceway Cable Hider


• Made from durable UL94VO rated flame retardant PVC
• Paintable: match your decor by using latex based paint
• Flexible vinyl flap design that holds wires in place during installation, even overhead
• Easy To install due to adhesive backing
• Made in the USA

Wire Hider PVC raceways are an easy to use and economical alternative to metallic raceways. They are a good solution to guide, route and protect cables or wires in varied applications, from in the home to the office environment. They can be painted to match the color of your walls with latex based paint for the optimal decor match. Easy to install, you will simply remove the adhesive backing from the base and apply the piece to a clean surface. Inner dimensions: are 48" long, 1.1" wide, and 0.55" deep.

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Our two-piece raceway wire hiders are extremely durable, as the PVC outer body will withstand considerable impact without wear or damage. The clever design of these raceways lies in the flexible flap running along the length of the inner body. This vinyl flap ensures that your cables are trapped solidly within, while allowing installation and removal to take place extremely fast by simply pushing them through, or pulling out. The task can be done without any worry of damaging contents. Where this will save you considerable time and physical labor is during high-up installs, such as ceiling runs, where gravity would normally be working against you. The smooth white raceways are unobtrusive, and if an exact match to your d�cor is required, they are easily paint-able.

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Materials and Dimensions
RaceWay Size Length Width Height
1" 48" 1.085" 0.545"
Material Rigid PVC UL 94 V0.
Flame Retardant rated material with Vinyl Flap.
UV Stabilized.
1" 48" 1.225" 0.605"
Material Rigid PVC UL 94 V0.
Flame Retardant rated material with Vinyl Flap.
UV Stabilized.
Latex paintable.
Recommended Number of Wires or Cable
Electrical Applications CA. TV Applications Telephone Applications
Size #18 AWG #14 AWG #12 AWG RG 9/U RG 6/U 4 Pair 25 Pair
OD 0.113 OD 0.139 OD 0.158 OD 0.242 OD 0.160 OD 0.160 OD 0.340
1/2" 10 6 6 2 3
1" 7 5 10 3
1–1/2" 12 10 22 7
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