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Galvanized Steel Conduit

Suitable for Concealed, Exposed, or Approved Raceways

Square Locked
Square Locked
Galvanized Steel Conduit
Galvanized Steel Conduit


• Constructed from Steel;Type RWS (Reduced Wall Steel)
• Coated with premium hot dip galvanized zinc
• Excellent corrosion defense
• Interior is smooth and flat for simple pull-through of wires
• Easy to install as it flexes easily to follow contours
• Listed connectors available from leading manufacturers
• Complies with UL-1 File number E25633, NEC Article 350 and Federal Specification WW-C-566C
• Available in units cut to specific lengths - call for pricing and availability

This conduit is designed to protect wires within a raceway setting thanks to its spiral wound body of galvanized steel, hot-dipped for total defense against rust, impact and corrosion. Cables will be easily pulled and maintained, as the metal within is flat and will not hinder and slow down installation. The natural colored body meets UL1 ratings and is wire temperature rated, for a safe protective shield that is danger-free.

Note: You must be aware of National and Local Building and Electrical Code Requirements, and comply to them as you select a conduit for your cable defense purposes.

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The square lock construction of Galvanized Steel Flexible Conduit is highly flexible. Steel Conduit made by helical winding of cold rolled annealed and pinch passed milled steel strips with sheared edges that ensure notable features like tensile strength and flexibility. Hot dipped galvanized steel stripe is used where high corrosion resistance and long life for the conduit is required. Reduce Wall Galvanized Steel Flexible Conduits are also considered ideal for mechanical protection for insulated electrical cables and wires which may be exposed to normal atmospheric conditions. Galvanized Steel Flexible Conduits are also used as decorative flexible tube for bathroom fittings and interiors and also to protective covering for rubber and plastic tubing in domestic gas appliances such as burners, ovens and gas water heaters.

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Model # Size Acceptable Internal Diameter Acceptable External Diameter Bending Radius in Inches Approx. Weight of 100 Ft. Approx. Feet Per Standard Coil
Min Max Min Max
GSCRWS-050C 1/2" 0.625 0.645 0.86 0.92 3 27 100
GSCRWS-075C 3/4" 0.812 0.835 1.045 1.105 4 35.1 100
GSCRWS-100L 1" 1 1.04 1.3 1.38 5 52 50

Galvanized Steel Conduit

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