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Cable Duct, Cable Raceways, Duct, Conduit and Wire Management Systems, Tv Cable Cover

Conduit and Wire Management Systems

Wire Trak™ Raceway
in a Box
Cove Style Cord Cover Surface Raceway
Wire Trak Raceway in a Box Wire Trak Raceway Open Roll Form Closed as Installed

Tv Cable Cover

Corner Raceway J Channel
Cable Raceway
Raceway Wire Hider
Surface RaceWay Hinged Cable Raceway WIRE HIDER

Cable Raceways and Wire Management Systems

Galvanized Steel Conduit Connectrac™ I Series Cable Trays
Galvanized Steel Conduit Cable House Cord Organizer
Straight Cable Tray Cm20 Cable Tray Reducers Tv Cable Cover
Wiring Duct Wiring Duct Wiring Duct Wiring Duct Wiring Duct Wiring Duct tv cable cover
  • Duplex power receptacles
  • 2 to 4 voice/data jacks
  • Track and raceway cap
  • 24‘ power conduit

Wire Mold® CableMate Cord Organizer WireMold Cordmate Raceway Corduct Cord Protector
tv cable cover WIRE MOLD cable duct WIRE MOLD

Cable Raceways

Cable Raceways are made from UL94VO compliant PVC that is flame resistant, very flexible, yet durable. Conduit and Wire Management Systems have a very innovative patented hinged system wherein it allows the user to easily manage cables. Conduit and Wire Management Systems are ideal to use in places where cable installation is needed but drilling on ceilings or walls is not permitted such as apartments and condominiums. Raceways are very easy to use and allow users to set-up, install, assemble, and disassemble cables because of its hinged feature. The following are the types of raceways: 375 series (3/4" x 1"/2), 500 series (1" x 1/2"), and 1125 series (11/2" x 3/4"). All sets of raceways come with complete molded accessories and pre-applied foam tape allowing faster time for installation. Comes in white but users will not have to worry about matching colors with walls because it can be easily painted on. This product has a UL 5A Power Rating and can protect cables and wires up to 600 Volts.

Wiring Duct

If you’re looking for a product that can help arrange bundles of cables while leaving a professional look, Wiring Duct might be the solution. It is intended for use in control panels, cabinets, home theater, office applications, etc. The two types of wiring ducts are Standard and Noryl. Both have the following variety: open slot, narrow slot, closed slot, and solid wall. Open slot has wide fingers allowing cable to be inserted in between. Narrow slot have the same design as open slot but are for smaller types of cables. Closed Slot has cable slots on the side and it does not have separate fingers. Solid Wall has no holes or fingers on the side. The difference of Noryl from Standard is its limited fire hazard based from tests made by UL94VO and CSA material standards. They are made from a standard PVC or Noryl material which comes in the colors Gray, White, or Black and all of them have lid covers for easy access to cables and wires.

Cable Tray ME2, Cable Tray CM20

Cable Trays are ideal for use in home, building, and other construction sites. The two types of cable trays are M.E.2 and CM20. M.E.2 is made of 0.187 diameter zinc plated steel wire while CM20 meets UL requirements as a ground conductor and has five different colors that is Yellow, Chrome, White, Black, and Orange. These trays are easy to customize because of its variety in sizes and shapes. The user can choose from Straight, L-shape, T-shape, and X-shape cable trays that can also be mixed and matched. These different shapes of cable trays can be interconnected using common splice washer clamps. They all provide ease in cable routing because of its 2x4 inch grid and factory fabricated junction that cuts down time and cost of installation. Cable trays can be installed on ceilings, walls, or under raised flooring. Users must follow National Electrical Code for proper building equipment grounding when using this product.


Wiremold is ideal for home and office applications that only require light duty cable protection. Provides excellent cord protection and prevents tripping hazards for pedestrian traffic areas. There are different types of wiremolds being offered and they are Corduct Cord Protector, Wiremold Nonmetallic Raceways, Cordmate Raceway, CableMate Cord Organizer, Cordmate II Cord Channel, Metal Raceway, and Plugmold Multioutlet Strip. Among all types of wiremolds, the Metal Raceway is the strongest and intended for a heavy duty application. Nevertheless, all types of wiremorlds can be used to hide connecting cables when adding multiple electrical sockets in different parts of a room. It is also great in blending with home decors because it is paintable with latex based paint. All types of wiremolds are impact resistant and comes in White with a self-adhesive backing (made of a pressure sensitive tape) to easily install on a baseboard or wall.

Corner Duct - Raceway

When looking for a product that provides excellent cable management and wire enclosure application, the Corner Duct Raceway could be the best option. Made of flame resistant PVC that is paintable with latex based paint and complies in UL94VO. It has a triangular shape that is designed to fit corners of a room or an enclosed area which provides an elegant look. There are three models of Corner Duct Raceway; they are WC1075 (1 11/16" in width), WC1150 (2 3/16" in width), WC1250 (2 3/4" in width). These raceways come with a full complement of accessories such as pre-applied foam tape, fittings, and inside & outside corners, providing flexibility in usage. This type of raceways can fit with Tee Reducers and can accommodate cables up to 0.5 inches in diameter. This product is very reliable and user-friendly with its hinged system offering easy access to cables. Comes in White and suitable for use in home, offices, warehouses, and the like.

J Channel Cable Raceway

When creating a desirable atmosphere free from unattractive cables, conduit and wire management Systems, wires and cords, J Channel raceways are ideal for this application. It is perfect for hiding cables and wires on walls, baseboards, and furniture. Made from a durable plastic and comes with a pre-applied adhesive that allows to be easily mounted vertically or horizontally. Each piece of this type of raceway is 48 inches long but it can be cut into the desired length using a hacksaw. Cable management is made simple with J Channel Raceway because of its flexibility in usage and ease of installation. This product is excellent for home, office, theater and other light duty applications. It comes in color black and has a channel height of 1 1/2 inches, a channel depth of 1 inch and a width base of 2 1/4 inches. The user now need not to worry about lid covers because it is designed to have a small pocket for cable access but still conceals most of the cables in one bundle.

Raceway Wire Hider

Wire Hider is an excellent solution for hiding cables while still maintaining easy access to cables and wires. This type of raceway provides ease and flexibility in cable installation and removal because of its flexible vinyl design, holding the wires in place. It is a very economical alternative to metallic raceways but can still protect cables in home and office application. It is made from UL94VO rated flame retardant PVC that is UV stabilized and paintable with latex based paint allowing the raceway to blend with the overall aesthetics of the area. Tv Cable Cover is also used to cover the cables near the television or the television cables. Also, it comes with a snap on cover that can also be taken out if the application requires frequent access to cables. Additional accessories are available to fit the requirements for installation. This product is ideal for use in security installations, CCTV camera installation, datacom, and telecom. Comes in White and is 48 inches long with 1 inch raceway size; Indeed a modern solution to cable management.

Wall Cord Covers

Ideal for commercial, industrial, and residential applications, these Wall Cord Covers and tv cable cover, are very innovative, economical, and modern. The three different types or models of cord covers are WC301 series, WC307 series, and WC322 series. The WC301 series are intended for use in a single cord or cable used in telephones, lamps, and extension cords. The WC307 series has the same function as that of W301 series but with higher capacity for cables. And lastly, the WC322 series has a medium capacity offering a compromise between the WC301 and WC307 series. All models of cord covers come in White and are stainable and paintable. These cord covers already have pre-applied adhesives that give convenience to users. Also, they can be applied to perimeter or open-office cable routing such as in work areas and home theaters as well. It is designed to maintain appropriate bend radius control for copper and fiber optic cables.


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