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Cable House Cord Organizer

Pliable unit will store and manage excess cables

In four Colours
In four Colours


• Necessary storage and management solution for lines of wires and cables
• Available in packs of four, each an assorted color
• Spool of each measures only 2” in diameter
• Able to accommodate cords of varying sizes, each module is resistant to wear and compact for easy mobility
• Snugly and safely stores cables while appearing funky yet unobtrusive
• Insertion of wires is extremely simple and fast, wrapping around the body and into the groove before the body snaps shut

Our pliable, easy to handle Cable House Cord Organizers are a dynamic, unobtrusive and portable method of storing and managing home and workspace wires. Simply loop excess amounts of cables from any AC adapter, computer mouse, charger cables and more around the small yet effective Cable House. When what you need secured within is safely in place, you will easily snap the soft rubber body shut, concealing cable within without damaging them, and also ensuring the lines remain snare-free.

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When you have various appliances, charging cables, hub wires, etc, your desk surfaces and storage areas will be rife with tangled heaps of wires, not only costing you time when you need access to something specific, but also damaging delicate wires within the cables themselves. But now, with our compact bodied Cable House Cord Organizer’s, there is an easy and affordable solution to keeping lines tangle-free and readily on-hand. The round, rubbery bodied spools have a diameter of only 2”, making them an unobtrusive storage solution that is also easy to implement. Simply slip the cords into the slit encircling the spool, and loop it snugly within, wrapping around the body. When your cables are stored and concealed, apply light pressure to the top and bottom of the body, and the organizer will snap shut, safely housing your wires while cushioning them with the soft rubber material. Each unit will be able to accommodate cords of varying thickness, and the Cable House Cord Organizer will come in packs of four and in soft tones of blue, green, orange and yellow.

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Cable House Cord Organizer Cable House Cord Organizer Cable House Cord Organizer
Cable House Cord Organizer Cable House Cord Organizer Cable House Cord Organizer
Simple Solution for Handling Long Electrical Cords!
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Cable House Cord Organizer
KC1130262 2 Dia. Cable House Cord Organizer, 4 pc pack 2" Dia. Cable House Cord Organizer, 4 pc pack

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