Cable Ties

The Types of Cable Ties

Cable ties, also known as tie wraps and zip wraps, are available for every conceivable need ranging from cable management to retail product packaging. Here’s a recap of each major type, along with some examples of how they are used. […]

When to Use Metal Cable Ties

Stainless steel cable ties clearly have a greater tensile strength than nylon ties of the same size, making them better suited for securing large loads. They’re used in automotive, construction, transportation, petro-chemical processing and off shore rigs as well as […]

Creative Uses of Cable Ties

Cable ties have found a whole new market among artists, DIY fashion designers and even landscapers and interior designers. Using the bright, often fluorescent colors available in nylon cable ties, these creative people use them to decorate jewelry, make tie-wrap […]

How to Use a Cable Tie Gun

Cable tie guns (CTG’s) transform a messy bunch cables into a neat bundle – quickly, economically and safely. They’re ideal for any cabling job: installing CAT-5 throughout an entire building, or simply tidying up the mess of cables that connect […]