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Cable Organizers, Cable Identification, Cable Manager at American Prices All Prices Listed in US Dollars Cable Organizers, Cable Identification, Cable Manager at American Prices

Cable Organizers, Cable Identification, Cable Manager

Wire Label Printer
NEW Cable Management
  • Cable Mgmt Panel, 1U, 5-Ring Low-Profile
  • Cable Mgmt Panel, 2U, 5-Ring Low-Profile
  • 1 Unit Hinged Wall Mount Bracket
  • 2 Units Hinged Wall Mount Bracket
  • Bracket to support and hold for Patch Panels
Priced from $7.88
  cable identification
NEW Neat-Patch Cable Storage Manager

It is a great time saver as it will enable you after installation to trace your circuits in seconds. Even high density switches which usually causes cable management problems are lessened by the much needed storage between the patch panels.

Priced from $65.42
Dotz Cable Organizers
NEW Zero-U-Spacemaker

Our Zero-U Spacemaker is a crucial tool to accompany your racks and enclosures housing servers, switches and patch panels. Notorious for falling into disarray, components need straightforward organization keeping them fully accessible when needed, which is only one of the ways our Spacemaker will promote optimal management.

Priced from $42.50
  Cableyoyo™ Cable Organizers
NEW Cablesafe Cable Manager

The Complete Cable Manager is the perfect kit for the organization of an average computer workstation. It easily absorbs all the clutter that comes with a computer, printer, monitor, hub, speakers, phone, fax and more.

Priced from $30.86
Cord Hog Cable Wrap
NEW Cord Hog Cable Wrap

Straightforward yet vastly effective tool for cable management ensures that your cords are never tangled or messy again. Dense but lightweight, it stores and shortens cables to your desired length, making it perfect for a range of components.

Priced from $5.99
  Blue Lounge
NEW Blue Lounge
  • Refresh Multi-Device Charging Station
  • Cable Box & Cable Box-Mini
  • Milo Micro-Suction Stand
Priced from $14.88
Wire Label Printer
NEW Wire and Cable Labeler

Rite & Wrap II pre-cut self-laminating wire markers are perfect for legend mapping of wire or cable. After writing your label, simply pull back on the marker liner to dispense. The transparent portion of the vinyl marker wraps around itself to protect the white write-on area.

Priced from $8.54

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Cable Identification
  cable identification
NEW Kableflags

Keep track of which cords go to which plugs with the easy-to-add Kableflags. Each hard rubbery label wraps around a cord to mark its function. Unlike tape, these tags won't age or become disagreeably sticky. Includes labels for "computer," "scanner," "speakers," "monitor," "printer," "keyboard," "mouse," "network," "UPS," "phone line."

Priced from $13.27
Dotz Cable Organizers
NEW Dotz Cable Organizers

Who needs six feet of extra cable flopping around? Use a Dotz Cord Wrap to contain all the excess cordage. Just open the shell, wind up the cord, and shut it! You can also use the included clip or suction cup accessories to affix the Cord Wrap to a stationary object.

Priced from $4.82
  Cableyoyo™ Cable Organizers
NEW Cableyoyo™ Cable Organizers

Cableyoyo can be use in office, home, travel & purse. Great way to organize your small cords and easy to carry everywhere. Cableyoyo is a cool accessory for travel requiring a notebook computer, digital camera, ipod etc.

Priced from $4.98
cable manager
Wire clips (Black)

These self-adhesive wire clips are an easy and economical method of organizing and keeping wires untangled. They are easy to install. Simple peel of self-adhesive backing and stick to surface. These clips come in black and are sold in quantities of 6 per pack.

Priced from $4.98
  Keep A Cable Cord Anchor
NEW Keep A Cable Cord Anchor

Keep-A-Cable prevents cords from slipping off the back of your desk or table. They're great for cell phone or laptop owners who usually leave the AC adapter in place. Just peel off the permanent adhesive backing and install!

Mega Cable Clamp®
NEW Mega Cable Clamp®

The Cable Clamp® is an innovative and easy-to-use cord management and organizational tool which is superior to tape, cable ties, and hook & loop products. It can be easily opened and closed with one hand utilizing its unique Quick Connect…Quick Release feature.

Priced from $1.60
  TeleAdapt Pull Through AudioHubs™
NEW TeleAdapt Pull Through AudioHubs™
  • Creates an instant access point for your Ethernet, audio, A/V, and handheld or MP3 type device cables.
  • Solves cable management issues caused by cables getting lost, creating a mess, or dropping behind your desk or furniture.
Priced from $19.95
Cable House Cord Organizer
NEW Cable House Cord Organizer

Soft, flexible Cable House cable reels are a simple, clever way organize your workspace cables. Just wind extra lengths of cables from AC adapters, mice, hubs and more into a Cable House; the rubbery shells snap shut to hide your cables and also protect your furniture.

Priced from $11.79
  Qwik Ties Tape
Qwik Ties Tape

Ideal for cable control in your home, workshop, garage, office, home theater, boat, automobile, RV.

Priced from $7.50
Adhesive Tapes
Adhesive Tapes

Perfect choice for entertainment industry/sets, warehouses, trade shows and manufacturing facilities.

Priced from: $14.40
  J Channel Cable Raceway
J Channel
Cable Raceway

J Channel raceways are ideal hiding unsightly wires along walls, baseboards and furnitures.

Qwik Ties Strap
Qwik Ties Strap

ONE-WRAP® self-gripping fasteners are reusable and flexible. Use ONE-WRAP® straps to bundle and control your wires and cables. Strap tip attached back onto itself for a secure closure

Priced from: $11.97
  cable manager
Cable Clamps

Cable clamps are specially designed to hold cables, tubes and components and allow you to easily mount bundles of cables to walls, ceilings or any other surface. Easy application, simply screw the clamp to surface. Made from UL approved NYLON 66, 94V-2

Priced from $3.49

Cable Organizers, Cable Identification, Cable Manager at American Prices All Prices Listed in US Dollars Cable Organizers, Cable Identification, Cable Manager at American Prices

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Cable Organizers, Cable Identification, Cable Manager