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The Cable Box & Cable Box-Mini

Conceal and Organize Power Strips, Surge Protectors


• Constructed to hold nearly all sizes of power strips & surge protectors
• Straight-forward design conceals messy cables/power strips with room to store excess length
• Made from fire retardant plastic for optimal safety in your home or workplace
• Flush rubber feet mean no slipping on slick surfaces without adding height
• Flat surface ideal for placing devices as they charge if needed

With the modern Cable Box and the Cable Box-Mini by Bluelounge, you will house unsightly power strips, surge protectors and of course cables in an attractive enclosure, concealing messy lines and leaving only the sleek, small box visible. The Cable Box takes up little space, providing a dynamic shield that is purposefully crafted to hold nearly all sizes of strips and protectors and ensure your unique cable management needs are met. The Mini will store smaller strips of 4-5 outlets.

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Our Cable Box comes in the refined shades of solid black or white, while the Cable Box-Mini is available in bright blue, green, orange, pink, white or yellow. Cables and power strips left exposed not only create an unsightly atmosphere, they become tangled messes leading to damaged cables as well as creating dust traps and tripping hazards that endanger people and components. These cable boxes allow power strips, surge protectors and component connections to remain on-hand and easy to access, yet appealingly concealed for an uncluttered environment. Both models feature slots at either end, routing cables easily without the need to unplug or disconnect components. The lid is quickly removed or placed, doubling as an area to rest items and components which lets you save space elsewhere. The Cable Box-Mini is ideal for the lines and chargers of smaller components, with space to house a small power strip, ideal for charging your frequently used devices. The boxes are crafted from fire-retardant plastic, ensuring safety, and each model comes with 10 twist-ties for a head-start on bundling and managing those messy lines.

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Cable Box

  • 15.6" Long
  • 6" Wide
  • 5.3" High
  • 3.6 Lbs

Cable Box-Mini

  • 9.3" Long
  • 4.6" Wide
  • 5.2" High
  • 1.7 Lbs
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