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Kimya® PEKK-A 3D Filament

Ideal for Technical Applications Requiring High Temp Resistance

Kimya® PEKK-A 3D Filament Features

The PEKK-A filament made from Arkema’s KEPSTAN® is intended for technical applications requiring high resistance to temperature (up to 150 ° C).


PEKK is a versatile material that comes from the same family of high-performance thermoplastics as the well-known PEEK. Because PEKK has a slower rate of crystallization than PEEK, it is easier to 3D print with because it can be extruded at a lower temperature range, and offers better layer adhesion. In the field, PEKK is used to manufacture parts for various automotive, marine, electronic, medical, and aerospace applications. Kimya's PEKK-A is intended for highly demanding technical applications where heat resistance up to 150°C, abrasion resistance, and chemical stability are critical requirements. Kimya PEKK-A 3D Printing Filament also features a UL94 V0 flame retardant rating, meaning your finished 3D printed parts can contribute to the safety of your end-use application.


  • Recommended nozzle temperature: 360-400°C
  • Recommended bed temperature: 110-170°C
  • Printing speed: 20-40 mm/s
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Product Details

Kimya Brand 3D printing filament from Armor Group was developed with end-use performance in mind so that you can spend more time innovating, and less time post-processing your functional parts. Kimya brand filaments have a beautiful surface finish and allow you to take your finished 3D printed parts right off of the print bed, and utilize them straight away in your end-use application. Armor Group’s Kimya PEKK-A 3D printing filament is no exception. It is intended to create parts that can withstand highly demanding applications, provides heat resistance up to 150°C, abrasion resistance, and chemical stability -- it's even flame retardant!

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