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Milo Micro-Suction iPhone Stand

Newly debuted stand leaves your hands free


• Lets you make calls, watch videos or conferences and use apps hands-free
• Uses Japanese micro-suction technology for secure grip which leaves no residue
• Takes up almost none of your crucial desk space, unlike other bulky docks
• Suction can be reused many times without loosing strength, and periodic cleaning restores it to full power
• Available in black or white

With this minimal, attractive iPhone stand from Bluelounge, you can gain the freedom and versatility of using your device completely hands-free. Rather than snapping, locking or requiring adhesives, Milo makes use of dynamic, Japanese micro-suction technology which will ensure a tight bond to your work surface & smooth phone, yet let you instantly remove it without any sign of contact to your device. Items in bumpy cases can still use Milo, leaning against the base and backrest.

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The micro-suction cups on the base and arm of the stand are re-usable, allowing you to frequently remove and replace your iPhone. By periodically placing strips of tape onto the suction faces and then peeling them off, you can clean any dust build-up which may have accumulated, restoring Milo to its original strength and grip. A protective film guards the faces until you first make use of the stand, ensuring optimal suction. You can choose which way you want to view your phone, either vertically or horizontally, for unique use every time depending on your needs. While Milo is designed to grip the smooth surfaces of un-enclosed phones, a perforated or bumpy case will make use of Milo by sitting against the base and leaning on the backrest, still able to provide you with completely hands-free viewing and easy access.

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First, remove the protective pads from suction faces, press and stick the stand to any smooth surface. Do the same with your iPhone, pressing it gently against the arm's suction face to secure it. To clean the micro-suction faces, place strips of tape directly onto them and then remove, cleaning away any build-up of dust.

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